All of our frames come with a standard single color powder coat finish. Since your frame is being custom designed for you, why not pick a color or scheme that is exactly what you want. With powder coat, it is possible to have 2-coat special effect finishes such as candies or lollipops as well as multiple color panels, fades, clear coats and other special effects. Pricing will vary with color choices, number of coats and complexity.

We have been using the same local powder coat service for the last 20 years and they know their stuff when it comes to putting high quality finishes on bicycle frames.

Choose from literally thousands of colors. If you have any questions about colors, schemes, topcoats or anything powder coat related, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can consult with the powder coater for any special requests.

We’ve included links for the two primary sources for our powder coat colors:

Feel free to check out our Gallery page to see what other customers have chosen.

Doug with Paint Wheel