How To Buy A Curtlo

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IT'S ALL UP TO YOU. It's really pretty simple. Choose which model you want, discuss with Doug what's on your mind about the new bike, or problems with your old bike, and your on your way! Since each frame is made specifically for the rider (we don't stock a bunch of frames in standard geometries) we first compile all kinds of information about you and your current bike, then work out the details on your new frame. We do have "standard" geometry which works great, but truly custom fit is a wonderful thing worth trying.

The Curtlo Philosophy:

At Curtlo, we not only custom fit the frame to your body dimensions, but, pay close attention to riding style, abilities/disabilities, likes and dislikes to arrive at a true custom fit. With emphasis on rigidity, handling and compliance the selection of frame materials and custom manipulation complete the design. With direct interaction with the consumer, we can walk you through the fitting process. Your input is the most important resource for your new frame fit. It's up to you. You can choose from set geometries or customize your fit for no additional cost.

Want A Custom Fit?

Here is all the info we will need to custom fit your new frame.



(A) = Seat Tube Size - Measured from center of bottom bracket to top of seat tube
(B) = Effective Top Tube - Measure from the top of seat tube on the centerline of the seat tube, level with the ground, to the point where it intersects the centerline of the head tube. It may intersect the seat post.
(C) = Saddle Height - Measure from the center of the BB to the top of the saddle along the centerline of the seat tube.
(D) = Seat Angle - Angle of seat tube relative to the ground. Indicate if you know.
(E) = Head Angle - Angle of head tube to the ground. Indicate if you know.
(F) = Head Tube Length - The length of the actual head tube not including headset races.
(G) = Reach - Measure from nose of saddle to center of the handlebar.
(H) = Bar Height - Is the distance from the ground up to the handlebar center.
(I) = Stem Length/Angle - Measured center to center along the extension. Indicate if you know the angle.
(J) = Stand Over - Measure at the mid point on the top tube down to the ground.
(K) = Bottom Bracket Height - Measure from ground to center of BB.
(L) = Saddle Offset - Plumb line from the nose of the saddle down to ground. Measure between line and center of BB.

The Next Step:

You'll have to choose a color, discuss component options (even if you are just going to use your existing components, a few of them might need to be replaced. Items such as seatposts, headsets, stems and the like have changed over the years, your old bike might not have current/compatible items!).

When everything is figured out, Doug will quote you an estimated time frame, and your all set (after you discuss payment options!)